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Stuff from the old Wheatfield Audio website

I've pulled a few pages in here from the old Wheatfield Audio web site that might be useful to somebody...

These pages don't have links back, so use the "back" button on your browser to get back here.

HA-1 Headphone Amp

HA-1 pictures

HA-1 specs

HA-1 data sheet (468k PDF)

HA-1 User's Manual (112k PDF)


HA-2 Headphone Amp

HA-2 pictures

HA-2 specs

HA-2 data sheet (956k PDF)

HA-2 User's Manual (348k PDF)

Tube Rolling with the HA-2 (37k PDF)


About Tubes for the HA-1 and HA-2


About Headphones


About Headphone Amps